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Natick Tree Care Service

Professional Quality Tree Care Services in Natick, MA

We provide customers with local community-focused tree care services in Natick, Massachusetts. We offer tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding/removal, planting, and our Certified Arborists can diagnose tree health and problems. We strive to provide both residents and commercial businesses in Natick a trustworthy and reliable service. We answer every call immediately and don't keep our customers waiting. It's fast and easy to schedule our tree services and we provide quick and simple estimates. Our team of certified arborists will meet with you personally to understand and create a custom solution for you. If you prefer, we can also stop by your property when nobody is home and call you after to review options and give you our opinion on tree care plans.

Our climbers and certified arborists have over 30 years of experience in the tree industry. We ensure that our staff are given ongoing training and stay up-to-date on the most current trimming techniques, safety protocols, and ANSI standards. We offer a wide variety of trimming and maintenance options ranging from basic deadwood removal to roof clearance to a full tree pruning.

Our whole team of arborists are tree risk assessment qualified and oak wilt certified as well. We are also fully insured so there is no need to worry if you are in need of anything from a complicated tree trimming to a dangerous removal.

You can trust us and our business with your trees. We provide comprehensive tree care from root to leaf and can answer any questions or concerns you may have with confidence. We hope that you will give us an opportunity to become your go-to tree service company and our aim always is to deliver service that will make you a lifetime customer. Please call today to request an instant quote or request a quote online from the form above and speak with one of our certified arborists today.

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Tree Removal

Diseased, damaged, or dying trees can turn some trees from assets into concerning safety liabilities. You can trust our ISA certified and bonded arborists to conduct safe and efficient tree removal in Newton, MA. Call us at (508) 960-7078.

Look for the following warning signs as indicators that your trees may need care or removal:

- Moving or heaving soil at the base of the trunk and beneath the tree canopy

- Peeling, chipping, or cracking bark and cracks in the tree trunk

- Cavities or holes in the large, thick branches or trunk

- Dead and/or hanging branches in the tree upper crown

- Small and fine twigs without healthy buds found near the end of branches

Tree Management (Trimming, Cutting, Pruning)

Trimming trees is an important service to help sustain a tree's health and maintain it's normal appearance. Our arborists examine and assess all of your trees and your trimming needs - everything from removing unhealthy branches and limbs to mitigating tree disease and illness.

The follow can indicate that it may be time for our professional tree trimming services:

- Trees are growing dangerously close to power lines or other important infrastructure

- Trees and branches are growing dangerously close to your home or business

- Dead, unsightly, or hanging branches that are at risk of falling

- If it's been more than three years since your last professional tree pruning or maintenance

- If you would like your tree to be pruned or shaped to be more aesthetically pleasing and increase the curb appeal of your property

Tree Fertilization

In cities, trees and shrubs can lose nutrients. We remedy this by applying healthy fertilizer to keep your trees and shrubs strong and resilient. We use a slow-release fertilizer to replace and introduce healthy tree nutrients and improve disease and pest resistance. Properly fertilized trees also improve resilience against stressful weather and storms - all while making your trees more green, lush, and beautiful.

We provide a total health care solution for your trees. Our program saves clients time and money by being proactive about tree health management. Our complete tree and plant health care solutions include:

- Instruments and equipment to relieve compacted soil

- Techniques for soil remidiation

- Nutritional supplements for trees

- Irrigation supplements

- Many other excellent tree health and safety tools, strategies, and techniques

Protection & Storm Support Systems

Storms and lighting can be very dangerous for unhealthy trees. We provide a system for building support structures for trees performed by our ISA certified arborists.

We offer lightning protection using copper cables of a very heavy gauge grounded copper rods that divert and redirect lightning away from trees and into the ground.

We can also provide fuses that monitor the tree, so if the tree is struck, we will get an alert so we can respond immediately, if needed.

Bracing and cabling can also be applied to reinforce a tree's natural strength and protecting against severe weather conditions.

Tree Pest & Disease Management

Trees can get sick, too. We understand all of the different ways that trees need to be cared for. Small pests and diseases can be dangerous for trees and our clients. Here are some common tree pests and diseases:

- Gypsy moths
- Bagworms
- Wood rot

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Customer Testimonials

"Your crew and services were fantastic. Everyone was very knowledgeable, polite, and efficient."

Customer Testimonial

Teddy M.

Natick, MA

"The team was polite, knowledgeable, and on-time. They kept me in the loop, informed, and explained what they were doing and why over every step of the service. Money was well-spent, will definitely be calling back."

Customer Testimonial

Don V.

Wellesley, MA

"Quick and friendly team. Great tree care service right in Natick, MA."

Customer Testimonial

Mickey E.

Needham, MA

"Very quick, clean, friendly, and extremely safe and careful. Very happy I called Natick Tree Care Services."

Customer Testimonial

Jennie W.

Newton, MA

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